Would I Play a Different Tune?



Alberta Fisher



(Musical terms are in shaded bold type.  If desired, several different types of instruments may be displayed, e.g. horns, small keyboard, drums, guitar, etc.)


          I envision my life a “melody of music” touching others each day.  If I knew I only had one more day to live, would I play a different tune?  Would I conduct this exclusive day with a little more expression?


          On this unique day, I want to be sharp.  Sharp to hear the hurting cries of people around me.  Sharp to notice individuals discouraged and depressed.  I will respond quickly with a smile, hug or encouraging word.


          Middle C (mediocre) will not be adequate.  I intend to reach out above the norm and lend a helping hand.  Many lives have struck a flat note and are complacently strumming a monotonous jingle.  Why have I not seen these hurting ones before or at least heard a faint cry for assistance?


          Mrs. Elderly is lonely today.  I will visit her.  I will bring her cookies.  Her eyesight has failed.  I will read to her.  Mother Children-at-Home is so busy with routine duties.  I will volunteer to babysit while she does an activity she enjoys or runs some errands.  Mr. and Mrs. Poverty have nothing to eat.  I will bring them some food.


          Why did I wait so long to aid these hurting ones?  I could have filled in the gaps of loneliness with grace notes (ornamental notes and embellishments) of “helps”.  I could have brought better harmony to their lives but I was too busy!  Can I make up for this neglect in one day?


          The orchestral postlude (concluding musical piece) to my final day will be presenting to others the drum-beat of my heart.  What has made my life so fulfilled?  Yes, I will most assuredly tell them about Jesus Christ!  Tell them how He can bring beautiful music to their lives with a simple payer of forgiveness and faith.  Previously I have neglected telling others.  Today, the determination in my proclaiming will crescendo (increasing power of tone).  I knew I should have shared the “good news”.  Why did I wait so long?


          My greatest fear is going through this tearful twenty four hours unaccompanied.  I want all my family and friends to improvise with me in singing that final song.  I want to be perfect in playing that last interlude before that inevitable funeral dirge (musical composition designed for a funeral). 


          How was the performance of my life?  Will there be a forceful applause for an encore?  Will I be remembered?  Would someone’s life have been made better because I lived?  Did I play that perfect hymn of praise and adoration to my King?  “But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ” (Philippians 3:7 NAS).


          Would I share a different melody?  Yes!  It’s never too late!  I will endeavor to play “a different tune” today.