“Western” Party Theme



Alberta Fisher


(This party can be used for any occasion but I used for a party held during the fall.)


I.        Invitations

          a.       The invitations can include any western related picture.


II.        Guests

a.              Guests should be encouraged to wear western attire.


III.       Seating

          a.       Traditional seating at a table can be used or the party could be held on picnic tables or blankets on the ground.


IV.      Table Setting /Decorations

a.              Decorations should be western related.  I used old cowboy boots (purchased at a thrift store) filled with dried flowers.

b.              Little boot shaped containers (these can be purchased through party supply stores at a reasonable cost) filled with any type of candy to put at each place setting.


V.       Meal

          a.       The meal should include something western (e.g. chili, barbecue beef, etc.)

          b.       The food can be served out of tin pans and tin cups, if desired.

          c.       There is a recipe for Cow Pies (cookies) that can be used for dessert.  This recipe can be found on the Recipe page of the web site.


VI.      Program

a.              Game:  The following items associated with a western theme can be put on slips of paper.  Each person draws out a slip and paper and says how many times they think that word is mentioned in the Bible (KJV).  Some of the words are not mentioned at all.  After the individual states how many times they think it is mentioned, you can inform them of the number and read at least one of the associated scriptures.

                    Horse (41)

                    Cattle (133)

                    Rope (1)

                    Desert (41)

                    Saddle (4)

                    Fire (506)

                    Camp (124)

                    Country (173)

                    Ride (20)

                    Reins (15)

                    Guitar (0)

                    Lasso (0)

                    Bandana (0)

                    Posse (0)

                    Trail (0)

                    Spurs (0)

                    Cactus (0)

                    Tumbleweed (0)

                    Cowboy (0)

                    Corral (0)

          (Any other translation may be used and you can check how many times each word is listed.  It may vary by translation).


b.              Door Prize(s):  Anything western.  Fudge with nuts can be shaped to look like a cow pie and placed on a bed of artificial grass.  I marked a couple of slips before handing out and the prizes were given to those individuals, however, any other way to determine the winners is appropriate.



          There are many variations that can be done with this party depending upon the setting and location.  Be creative!