Walking in Anotherís Shoes



Alberta Fisher



††††††††† (Choose two ladies with different shoe sizes.Have them trade shoes and try to walk in them.)


I.                 We should not criticize someone unless we have walked in their shoes.


II.               Example:


A certain lady is grumpy and someone criticizes her for being so grumpy today.The person scolding her doesnít know that her child is sick and she was up all night.


III.              Only after you have been in someone elseís shoes can you know why they feel the way they do.


(Have two or three ladies tell where their shoes have been today).


IV.            Scriptures to Read:Matthew 7:1 and Galatians 6:2


V.              In any situation try to place yourself in the other personís shoes.Has their shoes had to go to places you would not go?Has that person had to spend many hours that day in their shoes helping others or working?


VI.            Remember: Before criticizing someone, try to understand where their shoes have been!