Twelve Days of Christmas Song

(by birthday month)


(Have the group sing the song “Twelve Days of Christmas”.  Assign the different gifts according the birthday months.  At the appropriate time in the song every one with a birthday in that month should stand up together and sing the corresponding part of the song.  I usually gave a small gift to each participant, e.g. miniature candy bar, candy cane, etc.)


January       =        Partridge in a pear tree

February      =        2 turtle doves

March          =        3 French hens

April             =        4 calling birds

May             =        5 golden rings

June            =        6 geese a-laying

July              =        7 swans a-swimming

August         =        8 maids a-milking

September  =        9 ladies dancing

October      =        10 lords a-leaping

November  =        11 pipers piping

December  =        12 drummers drumming