The Wedding Song


by Alberta Fisher


(This song should be sung to the tune of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.  It was used for my parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary but can also be used for any anniversary just by substituting the year in the place of the underlined words.)


We have gathered here together

On your fortieth wedding day

‘Tis a day of great rejoicing

Therefore, to our God, we pray.

Thank Him for the many blessings

Which He has bestowed on you.

Though some days were dark and dreary

Jesus helped you safely through.


Forty years you have been wedded

Years of joy and grief and care,

Happy in the days of sunshine,

Dark days too, you’ve had your share.

Heart and hand you held together

Trav’ling through the years of life

Every trusting in the Savior

Faithfully as man and wife.


Now may God His blessings shower

In the years to come, we pray,

Upon you and your dear children

May He guide you all the way.

Shield you from all grief and sorrow,

Grant you joy and happiness,

Trusting, Faithful in your Savior

Oh, then you’ll be truly blessed.