The “Loving” Cup




Alberta Fisher



In preparation for this devotion, ladies should be asked to bring a cup (mug) of their own choosing.


          Christmas is receiving!  Certainly that is one important aspect of this glorious season but our greatest gift of all was “giving”.  It wasn’t much - - just a dime store special.


          As a minister’s family we are truly blessed to receive many tokens of appreciation during the holiday season.  These presents do much to uplift our spirits.  However, we are not always materially able to give as we would like to others.


          What inexpensive gift could we give of meaning to someone else?  At my husband’s suggestion, we decided to visit a 93-year-old visually impaired shut-in lady from our congregation.


          At a local dime store we purchased an oversized cup (mug) with a beautiful decal of a bluebird on it – total value – one dollar and sixty-six cents.  Little did we know that to this precious senior citizen its’ worth would not be measured by nickels and dimes.


          On Christmas Eve we visited her at home.  We took along this gaily wrapped package and a plateful of well-chosen holiday goodies.  She graciously accepted these material gifts.  My husband read the Christmas story.  I read a Christmas poem and my seven-year-old daughter (at that time) sang a song.  Together we rejoiced with a few Christmas carols and prayer.


          She was pleasantly touched but the greatest “touch” of all came to our hearts at the thrill of seeing her tear-filled eyes sparkle.  In trying to give to someone else we were given one of the greatest gifts of all – “the gift of giving”.  Our eyes became clouded with tears as well.


          We were so blessed by this experience we have decided to make an annual custom of sharing our Christmas Eve, whenever possible, with someone who needs love.  It is truly more blessed to “give” than to “receive”. 


The gift of love does not always cost a fortune – a little time and perhaps one dollar and sixty-six cents.


Conclude the devotional by having each lady write the name of some person they can minister to throughout the year.  This name should be placed in the cup.  The cup should then be placed in a prominent location in their home as a reminder of their commitment to this project.


A cookie exchange can also be held with the plateful of cookies designated for a special person of their choosing.