The Gift List


Author Unknown


Put love at the top of your gift list,

For those who are hard to please,

Its a present that all will enjoy,

And it can be given with ease.


Give kindness to those who are lonely,

And if this gift should be returned,

Then you shall be surely rewarded,

For kindness should never be spurned.


Give understanding to those not knowing,

What its like to be understood,

To help share another ones burden,

Makes life worthwhile and good.


Give praise to those down-trodden,

With problems and cares of the day,

Uplifting words and a handshake,

Will surely lighten the way.


Give encouragement to those discouraged,

A smile instead of a frown,

Will help one who is lonesome,

To look up instead of down.


These gifts do not have a price tag,

Not one cent is the cost to you,

Yet, when they are freely given,

They will last a whole lifetime through.