“Squares” for Jesus




Alberta Fisher




As you read this devotional, an elderly lady should be sitting in a rocking chair doing a cross stitch picture.


Ladies could also be asked ahead of time to bring a cross stitch project they are working on and share about it.


          Many ladies are gifted in making cross stitch patterns into a work of art.  I observed an elderly lady busily stitching away on a project.  She remarked, “I love doing this one particular pattern”.  I quizzed her as to why she was working on such a complicated project.  “This is my squares for Jesus picture” she stated.


          Needless to say, my curiosity was peeked.  I knew that having the reputation of a square was not usually acceptable to others.  She explained why she identified this particular stitching project in this way.  She pointed out this needlework pattern was divided into squares each having its own unique picture.  The first square reminded her of the time in her life when she first realized the beauty of Christ could be a part of her life every day.


As she meticulously completed each section, she contemplated the various squares stating that each one represented an important phase of her life, some positive and some negative.  She reflected on each square individually and stated she had made it through all the phases with God’s help.


          The symbolism of the picture penetrated her thoughts as she realized the hand of God had been at work in her life: designing, stitching, perfecting every area.  Even though the underside of the picture had many knots and flaws from the use of many colors of threads and various types of stitches, the top side had become a great masterpiece.


          She said the final square would be written some day as she passes into eternity but she will try to create the most beautiful picture she can in her daily living until then.


          I was so moved by my conversation with her that, even though I am not physically making a needlework pattern, I want every phase of my life to create a beautiful piece of art to reflect God’s love and concern for me.


An important decision was made that day.  I decided that I also want to be a “square” for Jesus.