Share and Care Support Groups



Alberta Fisher


I.                 Assign five groups of ladies:  Group names - Esther, Miriam, Rebekah, Hannah and Abigail.


II.               Appoint a captain of each group.


III.              Guidelines:


A.              Ladies should remain in the same group throughout the designated time.

B.               Ladies should occasionally pray together as a group during the designated time.

C.             When a person in a group misses the other ladies should be sure to let them know they are missed – show concern and love.

D.              If a lady senses someone in her group needs encouragement, she should call them or write them a note.  Pray for everyone in your group daily.

E.               Meet together socially at least two times during the designated time.



1.     Go out to lunch

2.     Go out for coffee or other beverage

3.     Meet at someone’s home for sharing and caring

4.     Go out for an agreed upon activity or event.


F.               New people will be added at random to a group as the need arises.