So Small a Thing

By Helen Lowrie

So small a thing on which to build

A faith so firmly kept –

A babe born in a stable crude

Where restless cattle slept.

One bright star shining down upon

The place wherein He lay,

To guide the lowly shepherds there

And show great kings the way.


A simple tale, yet through the years

Its start simplicity

Has taken on the richness

Of a priceless tapestry;

For man has woven into it

His hopes, his highest dreams,

His love, his fancy, his beliefs,

His own star’s brightest beams.


And from that manger miracle,

The tapestry has grown –

The riches tale of miracles

The world has ever known

So small a thing on which to base

A whole world’s peace and joy –

A bed of straw, a star, a song,

And one small baby boy.