Author Unknown


I built a castle of sand yesterday,

I thought it fun, I thought it play.

Slowly, my castle changed, it became much more.

It was no longer a game, but yet – not a chore.

My castle shown for all to see,

It became a reflection – a mirror of me.

But like many things we love and cherish,

No matter how tight the hold, they soon perish.

All things go back from where they came,

And so my sandcastle did the same.

Tears fell and yet I knew,

I had memories to help see me through.


And so dawn breaks over the sea,

I saw the message God was sending me.

You and I were like my castle of sand,

We built our friendship, it was never planned.

You were my mirror – my reflection of life,

Now you’re gone, it will be such a hard fight.

But like my memories of the castle on the shore,

I have memories of you, and so much more.

So as I pray, I turn to heaven above,

And thank God for giving me you to love.

Life teaches lessons in mysterious ways,

Just like my sandcastle I built yesterday.

For a little while I had my castle from the sea.

Just as God had loaned you to me.