Recipe for “Prosperity”



Alberta Fisher


To introduce this part of the devotion, you should have a mixing bowl, mixing spoon, etc. (supplies you would use to mix a cake together).  Also, prepare ahead of time a slip of paper with the name of each ingredient, e.g. Trust.  As you mention each ingredient, it should be placed in the mixing bowl and stirred together.  After mixing, it can be placed in a heart-shaped cake pan, if desired.


Scripture Passage:  Psalm 37:1-11




·       Trust (verse 3)

·       Delight (verse 4)

·       Commitment (verse 5)

·       Patience (verse 7)

·       Temperance (verse 8)




1.               Pre-heat yourself by fretting not (verse 1) and being not envious (verse 1).


2.               Thoroughly blend together several measures of trust (verse 3), delight (verse 4) and commitment (verse 5).


3.               Sift together patience (verse 7) and temperance (verse 8.  Add to above mixture.  Mix indefinitely until mixture reaches the peak of maturity (too little mixing will cause lumps).


4.               Place in a humble heart surrounded with love and leave until well matured.




Inheritance of the earth “prosperity” (verses 9-11).


TIP:  Can be stored indefinitely!!!