by Alberta Fisher


(The object of the Round Robin Gift Exchanges is have a gift exchange followed by a designed time frame where ladies may go from one personís house to another to exchange a gift with another person.)


Have a meeting at which you have a regular exchange of gifts within a designated price range (e.g. $5.00).The gifts may be distributed using a method of your own choosing.Ladies should be allowed to open their gift and show it to the rest of those in attendance.


Rules of the Round Robin Gift Exchange:


  1. Designate a time frame (preferably one week) in which the gifts may be exchanged.
  2. May exchange one gift per day at another personís house during the designated time frame.
  3. Should only go to the same personís house once during the week. The individuals involved are required to exchange gifts even if the gift was originally purchased by them.
  4. Can only exchange gifts a maximum of five times during the week, however, must do so at least once.
  5. Whatever gift you have at the end of the designated time is yours to keep.
  6. Keep track of how many times you exchanged gifts.

7.†† At the end of the gift exchange, all ladies participating should plan to meet at a designated place and time for fellowship and revealing of their individual gifts.