Alberta Fisher




Before you read this devotion, have several ladies share as you ask the question: “What is Prayer”?     


What is Prayer?


          Prayer is a dialogue between two persons who love each other (conversation with God).


Scriptures on Prayer:  (read the scriptures aloud or have several ladies read)

1.               II Chronicles 7:14

2.               Psalm 66:18

3.               Matthew 26:41

4.               I Peter 5:6 & 7

5.               Hebrews 4:16 & 5:7


Individual Prayer:


          Is a one-on-one conversation with God sharing your most intimate feelings and thoughts.  I usually begin with praise or adoration, confession of my sins, thanksgiving for all He has done for me and then supplication (or stating my requests).  I find it is also good to end in praise, as well.  Your prayers do not have to be articulate words but just the sharing of what is in your heart.


Group Prayer:


          Revolves around 2 or more – with Jesus in the midst, controlling each life and the assurance that the prayers offered are in God’s will.  If so, he promises He will answer them.  Group prayer can be one person praying for each request or several individuals praying for a specified request.  Agreement in prayer is the most important aspect.


Thoughts on Prayer:


1.               Don’t waste words in prayer.

2.               If you wake up in the night – pray!

3.               Intercessory prayer is “love on its knees”.

4.               Prayer is an investment opportunity.

5.               Pray anonymously for someone.

6.               Use the name of Jesus!!!



The devotion should conclude with sharing together in a group prayer.