Author Unknown


1.       START EACH DAY WITH GOD. This isnít easy. It means heeding the alarm instead of sleeping in. It means getting out of that warm bed, reading His Word for cleansing and instruction and praying to God as you commit your day to Him. Resolve: To keep your daily rendezvous with the Lord.


2.       ORGANIZE EACH DAY THE NIGHT BEFORE. Donít be disorganized. Set out, in order of their priority, the things that need to be done. This will enable you to do the necessary rather than the urgent. Resolve: To be organized.


3.       EXERCISE EVERY DAY. The older each of us gets the harder it is to keep the fat off and our body in shape. Letís be good stewards of the bodies God has given us and keep them toned. Our minds, as well as our bodies, will function better when we are physically fit. Resolve: To get in shape and stay in shape.


4.       PRAISE GOD Ė EVEN WHEN YOU DONíT FEEL LIKE IT. We were created to praise God. Every moment of every day be thankful for Godís love. Relax in His promises and in EVERYTHING give thanks. Resolve: To praise God at all times.