Mother’s Day



Alberta Fisher



(Before the designated meeting date, each lady should be asked to bring a picture of her mother.)


Introduction – Ask each lady to show the picture of her mother and tell something special about her.


Question:  As a woman in ministry, who can you be a mother or “mother image”?  (Encourage responses from several ladies)


After responses are taken, cite the following examples:


Your child or step-child (our most important obligation)

Your grandchild

Younger child in your church or organization

The unlovable person

Another lady who needs support and encouragement



Read Titus 2:2 -4 – This is an example of older women teaching the younger ladies.


You can establish maternal bonds with other children, young ladies and women.  Question:  Have you ever bonded with another lady who was genuinely interested in you?  Perhaps a young lady is watching you as an example of how to conduct her life!


As you minister to a child, they will accept you unconditionally.  They just want to be loved.  A child can tell if you are phony.  Being genuine is more important than pretending to care.


Read the following poem entitled, “Mother Is Love”.  Copies may also be found on my web site under Women’s Ministries Resources.






“Mother” Is Love



Alberta Fisher



M         any times I pause to reflect

O         n what it means to know your mother cares,

T          o each child she give that unique love,

H         oping each will become a personality all their own; as they

E          nter into a life filled with possibilities, if they

R         emember in all, the Creator above.


I           nsisting each child develop to the greatest potential,

S          urrounded by her faith in them, as she gives . . .


L          aughter to a child, complacent,

O         ptimism to a child, dubious – Giving

V         ariable discipline to each small misdeed, yet,

E          ven so, capable of unmatchless love . . .


            A love incomparable to any other . . .

            the love of a mother for HER CHILD!


During the next few weeks, let’s prayerfully consider an individual that we may be a “mother image” to. 


Optional Closing:  Give a real or imitation carnation to each lady.  Red ones to ladies whose mother is still alive and white to those whose mothers are deceased.