Mother/Daughter Brunch Ideas



Alberta Fisher


I.                Grandma’s Attic (For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother . . . II Timothy 1:5)


a.    Have ladies bring an item that is old and holds a special memory for them.  At the brunch each lady should share about her item and why it is special.  (If they have something of their grandmother’s to bring that is great.)

b.    Decorations can be an old trunk, old lantern, old quilt for tablecloth, etc. (things found in an attic)

c.    Food could include a favorite recipe of their grandmother’s.


II.              Happy Face


a.    Have ladies bring something that makes them smile.  At the brunch each lady should share about her item brought.

b.    Decorations can be smiley faces on the table and other smiley items.

c.    Food could include pancakes with smiley faces, cookies with smiley faces, etc.


    III.       Jars of Love


a.    Each lady should be asked to bring a “Jar of Love” for her mother or substitute mother.  The jar should include a picture of the daughter and the mother (preferably together), a note telling the mother why she is special and other memorabilia that each lady would like to include.  Love notes would not have to be read unless the individuals wanted to but other items in the jars can be displayed.  If the daughter wants to tell about the items that is encouraged.

b.    Decorations can be decorated old jars placed statically around the tables.

c.    Food could be served out of old jars.


III.            Who Am I?


a.    Have each lady bring a doll, stuffed animal, figurine, etc. or a picture of something that best exemplifies your looks and personality.  These should be kept in a box or paper sack until it is time to share.  At the designated time, each lady should tell about her choice and why it’s appearance and/or personality is like hers.  A special prize (perhaps a mirror) can be given to the individual who has the best choice – to be decided by the rest of the group.

b.    Decorations can be stuffed animals, etc. strategically placed on tables and around the room.

c.    Food can be anything appropriate but you might consider giving each lady a bag of animal crackers upon departure.