Mary’s Song



Alberta Fisher


I.                 Ask Question:  What tunes do you carry around in your head?  (Allow for several responses).


II.                Ask Question:  What kind of music do you like?  (Allow for several responses).


III.              Read Luke 1:39–45


·       Mary is visiting at the home of Elizabeth for three months.  Both women were “with child”. 


·       Ask Question:  What do you think these two ladies talked about?  (Allow for several responses).


·       Ask Question:   How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant for the first time?  (Allow for several responses).


IV.            Read Luke 1:46-55


·       This passage is called Mary’s Song and is one of the songs most commonly referred to during the Christmas season.


·       It is also called the Magnificat because Mary magnifies and praises the Lord.


·       Ask Question:  For what does she praise God?  (Allow for several responses.)


V.              Two Aspects of the Song


·       Verses 46-49: God’s concern and care for her.


·       Verses 50-55:  God’s concern and care for all generations.


VI.            Praise God


·       Learn to praise God as Mary did.


·       Ask Question:  In what ways can we praise God?  (Allow for several responses).


·       During the busyness of this season remember our first thing should be to magnify our Lord.


VII.          Final Thoughts


·       Have each lady express a one-word praise without using the word “praise” itself.  See what attributes can be ascribed to Him!  These can be recorded on a piece of paper to read later or written on a blackboard, etc.


·       Optional:  If you have someone gifted in music, these words can be put together and a new song drafted and sung.