Let Us Live Christmas Every Day



Helen Steiner Rice


Christmas is more than a day

at the end of the year,

More than a season of joy and good cheer,

Christmas is really

God’s pattern for living

To be followed all year by unselfish giving . . .

For the holiday season awakens good cheer

And draws us closer to those we hold dear,

And we open our hearts and find it is GOOD

To live among men AS WE ALWAYS SHOULD         

But as soon as the tinsel

is stripped from the tree

The spirit of Christmas fades silently

Into the background of daily routine

And is lost in the whirl

of life’s busy scene.

And all unawares we miss and forego

The greatest blessing that mankind can know

For if we lived Christmas each day,

as we should,

And made it our aim to always do good,

We’d find the lost key to meaningful living

That comes not from GETTING

But from unselfish GIVING.