Jar of Love



Alberta Fisher


(This project can be done in one of five different ways.  Any size jar can be used with a label on it that indicates “Jar of Love”.  All love notes or names of individuals (depending on the project used) are kept in this jar until the designated time the following year when it is opened.  The jar is kept in a safe place by a designated person.)




          Every lady’s name in your group is put in a container.  Each lady will draw out the name of someone else.


          Each lady is then handed a sheet with the following questions typed on it.  Also, have a section on the sheet to indicate who the message is TO and who it is FROM:


1.               Insights on love you have learned through the years.

2.               Scriptures on love that are special to you.

3.               Express your love through Christ to the person whose name you have drawn and tell her why she is special to you.


          Each lady is given a blank envelope on which she puts the name of the person she is writing this “love note” to.  The note is put inside and sealed and all envelopes are put in the jar until the next year when they are opened and read.




1.               Each lady is given a flower (preferably a rose).

2.               Individuals are to take the flower home, put it in a jar (not a pretty vase, just a plain ordinary jar) which is symbolic of our humbleness in Christ. (I Peter 5:5)

3.               Each lady is to think of a person in the church or community who is unsaved or not living a committed life.

4.               Individuals should pray for that person as often as they can.

5.               Individuals should add water to the flower until it dies.  (This watering represents what we can do to nurture that person along.)

6.               Each lady is to pray that as that flower (symbolic of the person) physically dies, the individual will die out to self, will have their spiritual eyes opened and will begin to desire new life and/or maturity in Christ.  (II. Cor. 5:17)

7.               After the flower is physically dead, it should be placed in an envelope.  On the outside of the envelope, individuals should put their name and the name of the person for whom they prayed.

8.               The envelope should be returned to a designated person.  Envelopes should be all sealed in the “Jar of Love” until the next year.

9.               Ladies should be encouraged to pray for that person throughout the year.

10.           As the jar is opened next year, ladies can see the names of the individuals prayed for and what God has done in their lives.




          Ladies should write down the name of someone they are having difficulty loving as Christ would have us love them.  Perhaps it is someone who has wronged them or someone they are having a personality clash with.  (Matt. 5:44; Luke 6:27)


          These names should be put in envelopes and sealed.  Each lady’s name should be put on the outside of the envelope.  When these are opened at your designated meeting during the year, testimonies can be given as to how God has given them a greater love for that person.




          Ladies should write a “love note” to Jesus telling Him in their own way how much she loves Him.  Also, included on the note should be ways in which the individual plans to demonstrate love to others following God’s pattern of unconditional love.  (I John 4:7-12)


          “Love notes” should be put in envelopes with the individual’s name on the outside and sealed in the “Jar of Love” until next year.  When opened, testimonies can be given about ways in which ladies have shown love and/or someone has shown love to them.




          Ask question:  “How many times is love mentioned in I John 4:7-21?  (Wait for responses and then tell them 27)


          Have ladies write down how God’s love has cast out fear.


          Ask question:  “How will you put this sacrificial love into action?


          Encourage the ladies to put love into action (27 times) during the next month.  Keep a diary of what they did to show love and what the person’s response was to it.  The names of all ladies present who plan to keep diaries should be put in the jar.  Each lady should save her diary to read next year at the designated meeting.