Indoor Scavenger Hunt



(The items for this scavenger hunt should be hid in the designated locations prior to the arrival of the guests.)


(Divide the guests into two or three groups depending upon the size desired.  The object of the game is to collect all of the items listed below as quickly as possible from other members of the group.  No more than two objects may be received from any one individual.  When a team is finished finding all the items, they should announce “hunt over” to the rest of the groups.  The winning group should be prepared to say from whom they got each item.  Small prizes should be given to the winning team.)


1.               A Driver’s License

2.               A Family Photo

3.               A Store Receipt

4.               A 1979 or Earlier Penny

5.               A Piece of Candy

6.               A Ballpoint Pen

7.               A Lipstick

8.               A Planner, Palm Pilot, Calendar or Other Organizer

9.               A Drink

10.           A Coffee Cup

11.           A Marker

12.           A Piece of Gum

13.           A Store Credit Card (Penney’s, Sears, etc.)

14.           A Pair of Glasses

15.           A Magazine or Book