I Was Just Wondering


Author Unknown


If Christ were crucified today, would His cross be made of aluminum?


What else might be different, I mean, if it happened today?


Would He wear a suit and tie? Would He be preaching on the hillsides, or on the asphalt? In the ghetto? Or at the Hilton or how about a shopping center on Saturday in front of the Wal-Mart store?


What side would He be on about this war thing, pollution, demonstrations, the cops, and the poor? Would he be cool and patient?


I wonder if He would have a job at some company from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with two weeks vacation. Where would He go on vacation? Miami Beach? Camping in Colorado?


I bet he would have a hard time finding rough fishermen. I mean who would He recruit? Where would He find those apostles? In the big office buildings downtown? Among the hard hats? Or on the campus? In the army? Would you go with Him? I mean what if you have a good job, like $50,000 a year. Would he take you if you were black? Or a woman?


Would they let Him in the Jewish country club? I mean His being Christian and all? He could always play nine holes at the municipal course.


I wonder if He would have color TV. What programs would He watch?


Would He be a communist? No, of course, He would be a capitalist because that is American (and He would certainly be an American!). Would He be a Republican or a Democrat or some kind of neo-nut? Where would he live? In New York? Los Angeles? Aspen? (List your own towns close by.)


What would He look like? What kind of clothes would He wear? What kind of car would He drive?


Would I recognize Him? Would we wind up crucifying Him again?