I Corinthians 13

(Valentine’s Party Game)



Alberta Fisher


          Have a designated person read the Love Chapter (I Corinthians 13). 


          At the designated time in the party, hand each person a slip with the following items listed.  Each time the word “love” is mentioned in the reading (9 times), individuals are to do what is listed on the sheet.  The reader should have a little pause every time the word “love” is read for participants to complete their task.  The nine items are as follows:


1.               Smile at 3 people.

2.               Wink at your partner.

3.               Stand up and give your partner a hug.

4.               Shake hands with at least 2 people besides your partner.

5.               Tell your partner “I love you.”

6.               Tell someone (other than your partner) “Jesus loves you and so do I.”

7.               Men should recite the following 4-line verse to your partner:

                    Roses are red,

                    Violets are blue,

                    Sugar is sweet,

                    And so are you!

8.               Give your partner a kiss.

9.               Everyone shout together – “God is Love”.