“Heart” Cleaning time



Alberta Fisher



(Bring various items to the meeting to represent items needed for cleaning.  Display in a prominent location in the meeting room)


Introduction – Relate the following story from a child:


          Lightning flashed and thunder rolled.  A boisterous thunderstorm was in process.  A small child remarked, “It sounds like God is moving His furniture around.”


Thought to Ponder:


          Should we re-arrange a few things in the “castle of our hearts”?  Is it so cluttered that Christ can no longer make His way to the throne of our hearts?


What needs to be done?


a.              There is a Few specks of dust (pride)

b.              There is a few cobwebs (jealousy)

c.              There is some furniture that has become tattered and worn (by anger)

d.              There is doubt and fear on the legs supporting my throne

e.              Bitterness is cluttering the throne seat

f.                 The back of the throne is becoming so weak from years of too great a display of self-righteousness


How can we do a spiritual refurbishing?


a.              Maintain a closer walk with God.

b.              Do a thorough cleaning with a strong cleanser (prayer) and lots of hot sudsy water (Bible reading).

c.              Maintain a deeper dedication to the cause of Christ.


How do I maintain this spiritual refurbishing?


a.              Praying more

b.              Reading my Bible more

c.              Listening to God

          d.       Following God’s directions




          The “castle of our hearts” are so beautiful when our relationship with God is not marred by imperfections such as pride, fear, jealousy, anger, bitterness and self-righteousness.  Does your “castle” need a little sprucing up?  Do you need a little “heart cleaning”?


(Give each lady an item to represent cleaning e.g. sponge, sample bottle of soap, etc. (available at local discount stores).