Giving Thanks

Easy as ABC


Darla Brantley


Thank God for


Thanksgiving brings to mind thoughts of family gatherings, too much food, and football.While many of us follow the tradition of sharing what we are thankful for while sitting around the dining table, we tend to thank God for the typical things, such as health, family, and happiness.While these gifts are truly God-given, we should also try to thank Him for special and very specific blessings.I decided to make a list of tings I am thankful for by using the alphabet as a guide.



lways providing for my needs.Iím never truly hungry, unclothed, or without shelter.


eing my friend.He has promised in His Word that He will never leave me lonely or afraid.


oming to this word to provide a perfect example of how I should live.


rowning my sins deep in the sea of forgetfulness by His unfailing grace.


ternal life.How wonderful it will be to forever praise Him in His presence.


ollow me Ė His simple request to make a simple sacrifice with incredible results.


oing to the cross.Jesus took the punishment for my sin and paid a debt I could never pay.


earing my prayers.He answers each request or cry of my heart in accordance with His perfect will.


ncluding me in His family.Because I have chosen to make Him Lord of my life, I am a child of royalty.


ustice.God is a completely holy and fair judge.Righteousness will be rewarded.Sin will be punished.


eeping His promises.I can trust God to do what He says He will do.


ove Ė the very reason He created me and why He made a way to have a personal relationship with Him.


usic.Jesus is truly the song in my heart.


ew beginnings.He made me a completely new creation with a desire to please Him.


mnipresence.God is everywhere, helping me through trials, guiding me through decisions, and rejoicing in celebrations.


eace that passes all understanding.Only God can give us the calm joy of knowing we are resting in His strong hand.


uiet. The still small voice of God is often what moves us to do His will.We only hear it as we move past the noise of our busy lives.


est.When we are truly weary, God provides the refreshment we need to keep working in His kingdom.He even provided an entire day for that very purpose.


unshine.Itís very presence seems to indicate how God feels toward us.He wants us to grow and experience the warmth of His love.


rash.Litter reminds me to clean up my own heart and put the trash where it belongs, in the barrel of confession.


nconditional love.Jesus loves me no matter what I do.His death on the cross proves that He love me in spite of my sin.


irgin birth.Godís entering the word as a child is the miracle that established our heavenly adoption.


ind.A gentle breeze serves as a quiet reminder of Godís presence.The gales of a fierce storm remind me of His power.


-ray vision.God sees our hearts.He knows our true intentions, whether good or bad.


esterday.God allows us to learn from our mistakes.The Bible is full of examples to remind us that God loves His children even though we are not perfect.


ebras.OK, ďZĒ was a little hard, but stay with me.Zebras and other interesting elements of Godís creation show me that God must have enjoyed creating our world.He intends for our lives to be filled with joy and laughter.He has also given us the ability to be creative.


God has blessed us with wonderful gifts that we often miss because we are caught up in our daily routines.Try to find some quiet time today to come up with your own ABCís of Thanksgiving.Surely, youíll find at least 26 reasons to praise the Giver of all good things.