Getting in Shape



Alberta Fisher



To introduce this part of the devotion, you can have several ladies participating:  Some could be exercising, some eating some of the chosen fruits and vegetables and one sleeping prior to beginning your discussion.


I.        Getting in Shape – Physically: 


          At some point throughout the year each of us contemplates how to “get in shape”.  Our endeavors to get in shape are sometime futile with an ache here, a limp there, a feeling of food deprivation.  Diet, diet, diet.  This should be one of those four-letter words that we should be discouraged from uttering.  We all know how to get in shape physically.  As for me, I have been in many Dieting Clubs throughout the years.  Here is a list of just a few ways I remember:


a.              Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

b.              Go easy on the desserts and bad carbohydrates.

c.              Exercise.

d.              Get plenty of rest.

e.              Drink lots of water.


To introduce this part of the devotion, you can have several ladies participating:  One should be reading her Bible, one praying and one helping someone in need prior to beginning your discussion.


II.     Getting in Shape – Spiritually:

There are many ways, of course, to get in shape spiritually but here are some that I have tried with success throughout the years.  Actually, I have had better luck with this aspect of getting in shape than the physical one:


a.              Fast one hour of anything you like to do – some pleasantry.  Spend the time in prayer.

b.              Read 5 Psalms and 1 Proverbs a day.  Sing the psalms.

c.              Write out prayers.

d.              Pray or listen to tapes while working and/or driving.

e.              Meditate on a verse of scripture.

f.                 Take one of Paul’s letters and read it aloud.

g.              Determine to read the Bible through in a year and begin today.

h.               Be there for someone who needs help!!  As you assist someone else, you will be blessed.


          It would be impossible to complete all of these on a daily basis but the important thing is to choose one or two and do them consistently.  As you progress, you will notice that you will look forward to your daily devotional time.