Fashion Show



(The author of this fashion show is unknown.  It may be used in conjunction with the party planning idea entitled:  “The Fabrics of Life” available on the Party Planning page or used alone.)




            The fashions you will see are exclusive.  You may be sure you will never see them duplicated anywhere at any price.  But you will find that the cost of these designs, even though they are originals, will fit the most ridiculous budgets.


          The first model __________________ has selected a duster for early morning wear.  It is of waffle pique with the ever-popular Peter Pan collar.  Please note the attractive copper buttons.  Her feet are snugly encased in Honey Bun slippers.


          (Costume is a short housecoat with waffles pinned on it and copper scouring pads as buttons.  Collar is made of foil pie pans.  Old sandals or slippers have sweet     buns attached.)        


               The next model ___________________ is wearing a daytime dress featuring the latest in cap sleeves and a smart pencil skirt.  To complete the ensemble she has chosen the fashionable sailor hat, the popular string gloves and the smart but serviceable bucket bag.


            (Bottle caps are fastened on upper sleeves of an old blouse and pencils are taped all over the slim skirt.  Hat is an old white duck sailor hat with brim turned down;    white gloves have strings hanging from the fingertips; bag is a large plastic bucket with ribbon tied on the handle.)


          __________________________ has chosen to model the ever-chick nylon box jacket suit in the season’s most popular color, cedar brown.  Note the bone buttons and the extreme but fetching earrings to match.  The suit skirt is of basket weave and the “jacket” is a pillbox model.  Note the ultimate in envelope handbags with the hand outside coin purse.


          (Jacket is a large cardboard box covered with old nylon stockings.  The bone buttons and earrings are dog biscuits or bones.  A belt with small berry baskets tied to      it with string of various lengths covering the skirt.  Pillboxes are arranged on an old hat, and the purse is a large manila envelope with a paperboy’s moneychanger   attached.)


            Now if you are looking for a late afternoon tea dress you will be very interested in our next model.  ___________________________ has chosen a frock of the finest tissues faille with an attractive scoop neckline.  She has chosen a rolled hat to match her dress.  Dainty T-strap pumps flatter her feet.


          (Plain straight dress is covered with cleaning tissues tasseled with tea bats.  Plastic scoops are worn around the neck and the tea bags are tied to the shoes.  A roll of             tissue tied with a ribbon is her hat.  Teabags are used for earrings.)


          Evening elegance is personified in our next model.  ______________________ selected this 24-karat gold blouse with plunging neckline and a long train.  Clever accessories include a hold-everything mesh bag and dainty mitts.  The chapeau is the newest spring model for wear after five.


          (Plain dress dyed gold, with 24 carrots trimming it.  A small rubber plunger is worn around the neck.  The bag is an old mesh produce bag filled to capacity with odd             sorts of junk.  Baseball mitts are worn for boxing gloves and springs of various sizes decorate an old hat.  A toy train is attached to the back hem of the dress.)


          Last by no means least comes ______________________ modeling evening wear for home entertaining.  Its flowing lines make for complete relaxation.  Her fashionable mules adorn her feet.


          (A full, long-sleeved old-fashioned men’s nightshirt and night cap.  Model carries an alarm clock and a hot water bottle.  Cut out paper mules are taped to a pair of   over-sized slippers.)