Faith Festival



Alberta Fisher


I.                 Ladies should be asked to bring a mug to exchange with another person.  Also, have ladies bring a letter about faith to be shared with everyone.  Putting their name on the letter should be optional.  This letter should include:


a.              Insights on faith;

b.              Create an acrostic using F-A-I-T-H, or give one you have heard.

c.              List at least one scripture on faith.


              These letters should be placed in a box and drawn out and read randomly.


II.               Scriptures on faith or an article on faith may be read by the meeting director.


III.              Sing some faith-building choruses.


IV.            Exchange prayer partner mugs.  (Have ladies draw out slips of paper on which has been placed a verse about faith.  There should be two slips with matching verses.  These two ladies will be partners.  They should find ways during the year to minister to each other (e.g. pray together, prayer for each other, notes of encouragement, lunch together, special gift, etc.)


V.              The door prize should be any faith-related item (e.g. mug with a faith building verse, etc.)