Encouragement Encounter



Alberta Fisher


(A ministry project to encourage the ladies of your church to become adept at encouraging others and to be encouraged by their sisters in the Lord.)


          “Encouragers” are those who can offer the special assistance and verbal support we all need from time to time.


          Post a sign-up list for those wishing to be involved in the project.  Then, on slips of paper place the names of all the ladies in the church.  An “encourager” chooses a name at random from the envelope and gives encouragement to that person for the week.  She may give any type of encouragement:  a note, call, meal out together, flower, gift.  Creativity is encouraged and prayer for the person is required.


          These guidelines should be given to each “encourager”.


1.               Ask God to give you a special burden for the person whose name you have chosen.

2.               Anything shared between the two of you is confidential!

3.               Continue to encourage that person even after your assigned week and remember to pray for her.

4.               Expect God to do some unique things during this “encouragement encounter”.

5.               Remember:  We need each other!


          The project should be continued until all the ladies of the church have been encouraged by at least one “encourager”.


          The hearts of those being “encouraged” as well as those of the “encouragers” will be lifted up.



“Encouragement Encounter” written by Alberta Fisher was printed in the Women Alive Magazine (March/April 1994).