Eight Ways to Insure a Merry Christmas


by Wanda M. Trawick

Johnson City, Tennessee

“Woman’s Touch” – Nov./Dec. 1989


1.       Anticipate the season with the same fervor as your children. This can mean you have to accentuate the positive if you tend to have Christmas blues.


2.       Be prepared. Last minute shopping is fun but this is a time when the Girl Scout motto, “Be Prepared,” is invaluable. Most gift items should have been purchased or made during the year. Many food items can be cooked ahead of time and stored in the freezer.


3.       Create atmosphere. Guard your home from the commercialized Christmas atmosphere by creating your own. Your personal decorating theme, music, and planned activities reveal your concept of what the Christmas season really means.


4.       Delegate responsibility. Your children will not do everything (or anything, for that matter) as well as you. If you can overlook their shortcomings, you will be able to enjoy the season and your children will have the satisfaction of participating in the preparation.


5.       Enjoy simple pleasures and foods. Less elaborate meals, baked goods, and decorations will give more time to enjoy the holidays and their significance in your life and the lives of your children. Schedule fewer events and enjoy those in which you participate.


6.       Find time for people. Don’t fall into the trap of things-oriented Christmas. Find time to visit with family and friends. Include your children when writing or telephoning those who live too far away to visit.


7.       Give creatively. Plan gifts ahead of time; try to be unique and personal. Less expensive gifts are appreciated when carefully matched with the recipient. Homemade gifts become more cherished as the years pass.


8.       Honor Christ. With your family plan your birthday gift to Christ. Base your decorating theme around Him; sing carols about Him. Participate in the Advent celebration as fully as possible so praising Him becomes a natural and continual part of your Christmas observance.