Church Family Gift Exchange – by Alphabet



Alberta Fisher


  1. (Each family should be asked to bring a gift suitable to exchange with another family.  The family should put their name on the outside of the gift.
  2. The gift should correspond with the first letter of the family’s last name (e.g., A = bag of apples, B = book, etc.).  Encourage families to be creative.  For example, since my last name is Fisher, my husband and I took a can of Fisher’s mixed nuts.
  3. A designated person should pass around the gifts making sure the gift is not given to the family who brought it.
  4. As each family opens their gift they should read the name of the gift giver and then try to guess what is in the box based upon the family’s last name.
  5. The gift may be kept by the family who opens it.


Merry Christmas!