Christmas Scavenger Hunt


By Alberta Fisher


(Items for the hunt should be strategically placed around the area where the search will be conducted prior to the meeting.)


These items are things you see or use during the Christmas season.  Do not pick up anything; just leave it in place for the next person to find.  Some clues may work for more than one thing but choose the most appropriate item for the clue.  Stretch your imagination!  Write the answer beside the clue.  You have 10 minutes.  The first group done should report back.  Do not talk too loudly and give the answer to another group.  There is a prize for the winners.


CLUE                                                    ANSWER


Message from Friends                         ___________________________________


Just Hanging Around                          ___________________________________


Keeping It All Together                       ___________________________________


The Final Touch                                    ___________________________________


Old Cut-Up                                          ___________________________________


Personal Identification                        ___________________________________


Sweet Thing                                         ___________________________________


Big Cover Up                                       ___________________________________


A Bright Idea                                       ___________________________________


Bloom Where You Are Planted           ___________________________________


Under the Mistletoe                             ___________________________________


Can’t Take the Heat                           ___________________________________


Sometimes I Take a Licking                 ___________________________________


Kind of Flaky                                        ___________________________________




1.               Christmas card

2.               Tinsel

3.               Scotch tape

4.               Bow

5.               Scissors

6.               Gift tag for name

7.               Candy bar

8.               Wrapping paper

9.               Light-up Christmas bulb

10.           Poinsettia

11.           Hershey’s kiss

12.           Snowman (artificial)

13.           Candy cane

14.           Snow (artificial)