Committees are needed to carry out the detail of almost any type of party, activity or event. Committees are an effective way of utilizing the potential and abilities of others. Committees are also valuable tools for getting jobs done by using many individuals.


Following is a list of possible committees. Decide which ones will work best for your particular gathering or group. You can revise and adjust the responsibilities to meet your individual needs.




Someone should be designated to serve as Chairman. This committee is responsible for setting the date for the event. After the date is established this committee furnishes a basic outline for a particular meeting or series of meetings. Their planning should include the theme, special speaker, features, music, menu, etc. The responsibilities are then divided among the various committee chairmen.


Periodic meetings of the Planning Committee serve as check points to share and discuss arrangements and the progress made by all the other committees regarding their designated tasks.




This committee is responsible for compiling a telephone list (including names and addresses) of all persons who will be sent invitations or receive telephone calls to invite them to the event. This list is divided into lists of 10 names each and assigned to a member of the committee. The committee member is to contact those on the list either by written invitation or telephone call 5 10 days prior. Invitees are informed of the date, time, location and program. Reservations are secured and questions are answered. The committee chairman reports the total reservations to the other chairmen whose work is affected by the number, such as the food committee, etc.




This committee prepares the tickets and programs for the event/meeting and is in charge of selling tickets. Members work together to publicize the date, time, location and features of the meeting through various means, such as posters, bulletins, newspaper articles, radio spots, etc.




In keeping with the theme, this committee provides and displays decorations for the tables, walls, etc. This committee should also arrange for cleanup following the meeting. The amount of cleanup needed should be discussed with the janitor(s) at the location at which the event/meeting is held.




This committee is responsible for making each person feel welcome and comfortable. This is accomplished through personal greetings as the attendees arrive, individual name tags (made in keeping with the theme), and table hostesses who engage those attending in conversation and participation in the meeting. The hostess introduces herself/himself to those at the table and makes sure everyone has been properly introduced.


There should be a hostess for every 8 10 people. They should arrive early to be at their table when the first guests arrive.




The Food Committee works with restaurant management and caterers, arranges for potluck dinners, plans menus, purchases necessary food items, etc. This committee works in the kitchen, overseeing the meal.




Some parties/meetings should have a something of general interest that will be both entertaining as well as beneficial. This should never monopolize a large amount of time, but add fun and interest to the meeting. Local business people, school teachers, florists, bakers, jewelers, anyone who specializes in any particular hobby or has any interesting talent or skills are possible resources as well.