An “M” and “M” Meal



Alberta Fisher



          At the designated meeting, ladies should share together with an “M” and “M” (Mary and Martha) Meal.


          Scriptures to use:


·       Luke 10:38-42

·       John 11:1-46

·       John 12:1-11


          These scriptures should be read and used as the reference to serve two types of food – Martha (physical) food and Mary (spiritual) food.


          The first part of the meeting should include a pot-luck meal (Martha).


          The last part of the meeting should include a reading of the above scriptures and a time of praise and worship (Mary).  This praise and worship can be singing, praying, testimonies, prayer requests, etc.


          At the end of the evening, a package of M & M ® candies should be given to each woman.  Attached to each package should be the following message:


          Enjoy this package of M & M’s®.

            One M stands for Martha, who was busy serving the Lord’s physical needs,

            And the other for Mary, who sat at Jesus’ feet and worshipped Him.

            For her own special deeds each women was needed, each cherished by Christ.


            As each color of candy enclosed is special,

            You, too are precious in God’s sight.

            You are in my prayers and thoughts.

            This comes with a word of encouragement, everything will be alright,

            For with God all things are truly possible.


          Every lady should be asked to write down the name of one woman she would like to encourage.  She should be asked to give that person a package of M & M’s®, with the same note attached.


          The goal of the meeting is to help everyone reflect on their own uniqueness  and value as a godly woman as well as determining to minister and encourage another sister in Christ.



“An M and M Meal” written by Alberta Fisher was printed in the Woman’s Touch Magazine (January/February 1994).