A Week of Thanksgiving

Author Unknown


Day One:

Every chapter in the book of Colossians has at least one reference to thankfulness.  Read the following verses and jot down a thought that stands out to you: 

Colossians 1:3, 1:12, 2:7; 3:15; 3:17; 4:2


Someone has defined gratitude as “learning to recognize and express appreciation for the benefit which I have received from God and others”.


Try to memorize this definition today, and review it at least once each day this week.

Day Two:

Make a list of all the material and spiritual blessings you can think of that you have received from the Lord.  Then stop and thank God for each item on the list.

Day Three:

Make a list of each member of your family (mate, parents, children, brothers, sisters, etc.)  Then next to each name, write one quality about their life for which you are particularly grateful.


Take time to thank God for each member of the family he has given you.  Then pick 3 individuals from your list to whom you can express gratitude, either in person, by phone or by a note.

Day Four:

Make a list of other individuals who have blessed or touched your life in some way (pastors, teachers, friends, business associates, neighbors, authors, leaders of Christian ministries, etc.)

Day Five:

Call or write three people on the list you made yesterday.

Day Six:

Paul instructed the Ephesians to “give thanks always for all things . . ." -  Ephesians 5:20. 


As you go through this day, try to consciously thank God for all things . . . small things and big things (i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, teeth, etc.).

Day Seven:

As you have been focusing on thankfulness, have you found some people, items or circumstances for which it is not easy to be thankful?


Make a list of past or present circumstances, events, trials or relationships fro which you may never have given thanks.  Then, as an expression of faith and an exercise of obedience, say, “Lord, I choose to give you thanks for ___________________ and __________________, which you may never give me the privilege of understanding.”  In so doing, you will be acknowledging that God is the “Blessed Controller” of everything that touches your life, and that you trust Him and His sovereign choices for your life.