A Ray of Hope



Alberta Fisher


The morning dawns dark, drear,

With clouds suspended, hanging low,

Appearing to dawdle as inseparable shadows,

Escorting you in every direction you go.


But . . .

Blessed, reviving hope at last,

The lingering gloom has gone past.

With ray of hope, you greet the sun,

A triumph eminent, a victory won!


Thus . . .

As so, with our spiritual living,

Rough spots innumerable, valleys so low,

Trials, temptations, sorrow and woe,

You silently ponder – is there no way to go?


Yet . . .

Rejoice – blessed assurance at last,

Christ’s present you revere – gloom has past,

For He is not obscured, as oft the sun,

Merely whisper a prayer – a victory won!


For . . .

This “ray of hope” dwells within!