By Jeanne Allen

Artist                                                      As you arrange your home and become the daily example in the art of living.

Bookkeeper                                           As you balance the budget.

Censor                                                    As you oversee the entertainment – books, friends, television – in your home.

Clothes Designer                                  As you create originals and alter old clothing.

Counselor                                              As you listen to the problems and discuss solutions.

Dietician                                                As you plan menus to provide adequate nourishment.

Farmer                                                   As you labor over a garden plot, trying to reap an abundant harvest.

Food Conservationist                          As you can and deep freeze the garden harvest.

Janitor                                                   As you mop up messes and clean out closets.

Judge and Jury                                     As you listen to cases and pass out sentences.

Laundry Worker                                  As you strive for a whiter, wrinkle-free wash.

Musician                                                As you sing lullabies and play musical games with children.

News Correspondent                          As you write letters to loved ones about family episodes.

Nobel Peace Prize Possessor              As you try to keep the peace.

Nurse                                                     As you spend sleepless nights beside a sick child.

Physician                                               As you apply band aids and diagnose the ills.

Preacher                                                As you speak the Word of God to your children.

Psychologist                                          As you try to understand the psychological techniques used by your children.

Recreation Director                             As you plan family fun and fellowship.

Referee                                                   As you call the fouls on the violators of the peace rules.

Shepherd                                               As you look after your flock, leading them into green pastures.

Teacher                                                  As you instruct your children in everyday activities.

Waitress                                                As you serve graciously – your tips are appreciative words.

Zoo Keeper                                            As you remind your children to feed and water cats, dogs, birds, turtles, fish, etc.