A Good Reflection



Alberta Fisher



          (Before beginning the devotion, it is suggested that you pass around one or two hand-held mirrors for ladies to view themselves.  Gather feedback from the ladies on what they saw in the mirror.  Some comments might be quite humorous.)


I.                 The Mirror


a.              Question:  What does the mirror tell you? – You have wrinkles, freckles, your lipstick is smudged, etc.

b.              Question:   Can this mirror tell you if you possess the fruit of the Spirit?


II.               Reflection in Mirror


a.              What we see in the mirror is symbolic of others watching our lives and looking at us to set an example.

b.              No one, except God, can really see what is in our hearts.

c.              Question:  Does our countenance reflect what is in our hearts? (You will have various responses to this question – some will reply “yes” and other “no.  Either way, have them share why they feel the way they do.  There is no right or wrong answer to this.)

d.              Question:  Can you see the maturing of the fruit of the Spirit in someone?


III.              The definition of reflection is “polished surface that throws light.”


IV.            Follows is an illustration that best describes how people are watching us to see if we live what we are telling others:


                    One day while a missionary was speaking to a group of Hindu women, one of them silently got up and walked away.  Soon she returned and listened more intently than before.      After the meeting, the missionary was curious.  She asked the lady, “Why did you leave in the middle of my message?”  The Hindu replied, “I went to ask your servant if you live like you           teach.  He said you do.  So I came back to hear more about Jesus.”  The missionary was glad to tell her even more.


          IV.      Question:  Do you live in such a way that your family and friends would be able to say this about you?


V.              Read Galatians 5:22 – “Fruit of the Spirit” - The fruit of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


VI.            A Positive Reflection


a.              As a Christian, people are always watching us!

b.              Even if we lack the physical beauty as perceived by others, our spiritual being can be beautiful with Christ’s help.

c.              Read Philippians 2:14 – We are the surface that gets polished by a continual striving to be like Jesus.

d.              Question:  Do we cast a bright light to others?  Do we possess the fruit of the Spirit?

e.              Our actions can speak louder than words!

f.                 We cannot excuse our un-Christlike conduct to “That’s my personality, that’s the way God made me.”

g.              God can continually mold us and make us.  Don’t ask Him to change someone else but to change us. 

h.               God is speaking to us to be more like Him.  Are we listening?


VII.          Question:  “What kind of reflection are you?


VIII.         Closing:  Song – “Spirit of the Living God” (if desired)